Vision Statement

Expanding Opportunity

The Maine Reach Higher initiative is a collaboration of business, education and government organizations that will:

  • Expose students to meaningful experiences and explore careers and post-secondary pathways.
  • Help students & families understand that post-secondary education is an investment in their future.
  • Provide assistance for students & families as they navigate financial logistics of pursuing post-secondary pathways & careers
  • Support School Counselors in implementing their Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Reach Higher Maine Webinar Series

Reach Higher Maine has developed this series of free webinars designed to help support school counselors in their work exposing students to career and college opportunities.  Webinars are recorded and then posted to the Reach Higher Maine Google Classroom where the webinar can be viewed, handouts can be accessed and participants can ask/answer questions and post best practices.  The series is intended to provide free resources as well as provide documentation for professional development contact hours.  Please visit the Reach Higher Maine Google Classroom by going to and using the join code 1bs991n.  Note:  You must be logged into a Gmail ( email account to enter the Google Classroom.  If you have questions or suggestions please  



Maine Student Support Services Contact Sheet (as of 1/27/17)

UpNext – Free texting program to help students navigate the college application/financial aid process.  This Coalition provides free personalized reminders, encouragement and connections to assistance with higher education and civic engagement. 

Better Make Room – The Better Make Room is a campaign to support all students to pursue rewarding postsecondary opportunities. The Better Make Room and Up Next programs have capitalized on the Former First Lady’s connection with young Americans and amplifying it through mobile messaging. The messages will provide students and families across the country with personalized information and encouragement to complete important college and financial aid milestones and tasks.

First Lady's Reach Higher Initiative

College Signing Day Toolkit